Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom at
Fodor Farm

Norwalk’s first Outdoor Education Space

The Outdoor Classroom at Fodor Farm will be the dedicated green space for students in our signature Tree School education program.
Proposed to be located contiguous to the existing NTA Tree Farm at Fodor Farm, the Outdoor Classroom will feature native trees and shrubs, a pollinator garden, and learning circles with permanent sitting benches for educating Norwalk students.

Norwalk’s legacy in outdoor education

Site plans for the Outdoor Classroom were designed by Allan Broadbent (NTA President) and Jeff Scherr (NTA Board Member), both practicing landscape architects at Granoff Architects in Greenwich, CT.

In February 2020, Norwalk’s Recreation & Parks Committee enthusiastically endorsed these site plans. We look forward to this unique outdoor teaching space that will enhance environmental education in Norwalk public schools.

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