Tree Planting Programs

Tree Planting Programs

Our Core Mission at the NTA

Norwalk is blessed with a stunning variety of trees. From towering red maples to flowering dogwoods, we are all connected to our urban forest. 

Healthy trees are necessary for a healthy ecosystem, but natural disturbances like tropical storms, insects, and disease outbreaks jeopardize the longevity of our trees. We are committed to revitalizing our urban tree canopy, which is why we plant trees every year throughout the city of Norwalk.

Neighborhood Tree Plantings

Since 2014, our Free Tree program has enabled homeowners to beautify their neighborhoods and enhance the quality of the environment. With generous support from the Third Taxing District, we have planted over 60 trees throughout East Norwalk at no cost to homeowners – for the tree or for planting it.

In 2020, due our success in East Norwalk, we expanded this tree planting program into Rowayton neighborhoods. Thanks to a generous grant from the Sixth Taxing District, we will plant a dozen or more trees in Rowayton in spring 2021.

We are proud to address our shoreline areas in most need of tree canopy enhancement – East Norwalk and Rowayton – in partnership with key members of our community.

Arbor Day Tree Plantings

Each year, in honor of Arbor Day, we partner with the Norwalk Board of Education and the City of Norwalk to select a school to receive a tree. Together, we host a tree planting ceremony where students participate in the planting of a tree on school grounds. These ceremonies are attended by students, residents, and many local and state dignitaries.

Some years have included creative performances and poster contests from the students in honor of Arbor Day. We are proud to provide trees that will flourish and beautify school landscapes for many years to come.

Previous years have seen trees planted at the schools listed below.

Arbor Day Timeline

2004: Marvin School
2005: Tracey School
2006: Brookside School
2007: Columbus School
2008: Rowayton School
2009: Cranbury School
2010: Silvermine School
2011: Fox Run School
2012: Naramake School
2013: Jefferson Magnet School
2014: Wolfpit School
2015: Kendall School
2016: Marvin School
2017: Brookside School
2018: Tracey School
2019: Wolfpit School
2020: Norwalk Community College

Memorial Tree Planting Program

Throughout Norwalk’s history, our citizens have planted trees to remember loved ones and heal from our losses. During the first half of 2020, we felt significant sorrow as Norwalk grieved the loss of many cherished loved ones as a result of the pandemic.

A few of our board members decided coordinate a tree donation and, on the morning of June 10, 2020, we planted a red oak tree on the grounds adjacent to the historic cemetery at St. Paul’s on the Green in Norwalk. The small, socially-distanced planting ceremony featured a welcome from NTA President Allan Broadbent, remarks from Norwalk Mayor Henry Rilling, and a tree blessing by The Reverend Daniel Simons. We are grateful to St. Paul’s on the Green and Dalmato Landscaping for this hopeful collaboration.

Visit St. Paul’s campus any time during daylight hours to see this latest addition to their family of trees. This long-lived, magnificent red oak will stand for decades, even centuries, in remembrance of our beloved community members we have lost this year in Norwalk from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the video from Channel 12: COVID-19 victims honored at tree-planting ceremony in Norwalk

Planting a tree is an appropriate and time honored tradition to honor the memory of your loved ones. Please contact us if you would like to plant a tree in Norwalk to memorialize family, friends, and loved ones through the NTA.

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